What to expect as an employer:

You will have the opportunity to meet some of the nation’s best and brightest talent in Public Health, who are interested in careers in the fields of Health Policy, Health Education and Promotion, Health Communication, Environmental Health, Global Health Leadership, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Child and Family Health, and Geo Health.  Additionally, you will be able to interact with students one-on-one, become familiar with what our students are passionate about, obtain resumes, conduct quick on-the-spot interviews, and provide resources/ connections in the field of public health. You can expect to be guided throughout the process with assistance from the Public Health Career Planning Committee.  

If you have any program questions, please contact Paula Amezola at  

Career Fair Registration for in-person fairs typically includes:

      • Recruiting space at the Soto Building Patio Area
      • One 4×30 Banquet Table
      • Two chairs
      • One umbrella for shade
      • Space identification
      • One pre-paid parking space
      • Refreshments and boxed lunches for registered representatives
      • For sponsorship and advertisement opportunities please contact Paula Amezola at
      • Option to attend the Key Note Speaker presentation on “ACE-IT Skills: Essential Skills for Any Public Health Professional

Terms/Conditions for Employers Participating in Career Fair:

  1. Employers will send 1-3 recruiters or hiring supervisors to the staff Public Health Career Fair table
  2. Employers will actively recruit for existing or future vacancies at the Public Health Career Fair
  3. Employers will make reasonable efforts to interview career fair attendees for position openings
  4. Organizations will accept resumes and if applicable, accept applications during the Public Health Career Fair
  5. Organizations acting as a third-party recruiter will NOT be allowed to participate in fair
  6. Organizations who receive resumes during the Public Health Career Fair are prohibited from forwarding these resumes to any other organization unless that organization has a potential job opening.
  7. Organizations will make reasonable efforts to decorate their table (tablecloth, giveaways, copies of job descriptions, or incentives) and provide organization materials at their table
  8. Organizations will complete and submit the following Career Fair forms and evaluation:
    • Position Vacancy Listing Form (Due March 22nd) – please complete even if there are no current vacancies.
    • Career Fair Registration Form (Due March 22nd)
    • Career Fair Evaluation Form (To be collected at the end of the event. You will also receive a follow-up evaluation via email)
    • Career Fair 6 month Follow-up evaluation (To be completed within 3 months after event. applications received, interviews, job offers, etc.) If your organization is missing a Follow-up evaluation, we will contact you to complete one before the Career Fair.

IMPORTANT: If the organization cancels within 48 hours of the event they will not be allowed to register to the following career fair.

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Career Fair Experience

  1. Arrive Early to set up (10:30 am)
    • Give yourself plenty of time to park, find your table, unpack and set your table.
  1. Try to make your table interesting and attractive. Here are some ideas:
    • Display a banner or sign showing your company name, logo, and colors
    • Use pictures or graphics to illustrate your company’s ideals and values and the services you provide
    • Minimize words in graphics and signs. Make your message quick and simple
    • Consider having ‘giveaways’ to promote your company
    • promotional items such as pens, key chains, calendars, mouse pads, etc.
  1. Supply your table with company forms and materials:
    • Have copies of your company application form
    • Have a detailed description of each position you are seeking to fill
    • Provide leaflets or brochures about your company describing the organization’s culture for potential job candidates
    • Arrange loose business cards across your table to give job seekers easy access to your contact information
  1. Ensure that representatives represent your company well:
    • Have at least 2-3 reps to interact with job seekers. This will keep lines short and job seekers happy!
    • Send representatives who are outgoing and assertive, but also smiling, upbeat and positive!
    • Have reps STAND at the table, not sit behind it
    • Have reps greet job seekers with firm handshakes
    • Proactively engage in conversation with job seekers as they walk by
    • Review applications and CVs as they’re collected
    • Have reps ask job seekers to elaborate on their experience and qualifications
    • Schedule in-house interviews with top applicants. Conduct on-the-spot interviews if possible!
    • Staff your booth with representatives that know your company’s hiring procedures
  1. Attending to job seekers after the Fair:
    • Follow-up with all persons who submitted applications or CVs within 10 days
    • Be straightforward with applicants. Telling them they did not make the ‘candidate list’ may be disappointing, but honesty is the best policy!